Selcia Commmitted to Further Radiochemistry Expansion

Selcia has recently started construction of a further radiochemistry laboratory which will expand its radiosynthesis capacity to 30 fumecupboards.


Selcia has started construction of a further radiosynthesis laboratory within its excisting facility at Ongar, Essex, UK. The additional 9 fumecupboards will be positioned in a refurbished laboratory on site and expand Selcia's radiochemsitry capacity from currently 21 to 30 fumecupboards. This move takes into account the continuing growth in the radiolabelling business Selcia has experinced over the last 3 years. An ongoing recruitment campaign attracting high calibre synthetic chemists from both academia and major pharmaceutical businesses has complimented the ranks of Selcia radiochemists to currently 22, which represents an doubling of manpower in 3 years. With the implementation of extra laboratory space Selcia ensures its chemists work in the best possible facility with state-of-the-art and safe laboratories and equipment delivering the first class service Selcia's customers expect.

Selcia looks forward to commissioning this new laboratory by mid-August 2009.