Selcia Radiolabelling News

Selcia has consolidated its position as provider of choice for 14C custom radiolabelling services by up-grading its Ongar laboartories, offering GMP-concepts radiolabelling and maintaining its independent posittion as a 14C synthesis specialist.

Over the last two years Selcia Radiolabelling has consolidated its leading position as the provider of choice for carbon-14 radiolabelling services. In response to its solid and ever growing client base Selcia has strengthened its radiochemistry work force to 23 highly qualified synthetic chemists. In parallel the modern, top-spec laboratory space at its Ongar, UK facility has been expanded to provide 29 radiochemical fume cupboards including four dedicated GMP-concepts work places.

Selcia’s independent position and good relationship with leading CROs gives the client freedom to choose the most appropriate laboratory for their study, at the same time ensuring seamless 3-way communication and efficient delivery of the labelled test substance.

Selcia Radiolabelling supports customers in the pharma and biotech industries with GMP-concepts synthesis of 14-C radiolabelled API to support clinical studies such as phase-I mass balance or microdosing. Flexibility, stringent documentation and carefully controlled work practices ensure the clients individual quality requirements are matched and the relevant national and international legislation is strictly followed.

Selcia’s accomplished analytical group, operating in a GLP certified analytical facility, ensures the highest standards of purity backed up by an industry leading data package.

Selcia Radiolabelling supports the regulatory requirements of clients in the agrochemical, biocide, nutritional, cosmetic and other chemical industries by reliably delivering high quality radiolabelled test substances. An extensive data package demonstrates the radiolabel is of sufficient quality for the study. Selcia as a specialist in radiosynthesis is focused on furnishing the radiolabelled substance and has the necessary expertise and experience to coordinate the work in conjunction with the client and the contract laboratory to guarantee a smooth process.