selcia - February 2010
  Welcome to our first quarterly newsletter, in which we aim to keep you informed with all the latest news and developments at Selcia throughout the year.

In 2010 Selcia is entering its 10th year. The past ten years have certainly been challenging for Selcia – from growing a world-class custom radiolabelling service to establishing a strong drug discovery unit with a unique and exciting screening technology platform. The company has now over 60 employees, is privately held and has a solid financial footing.

We believe we are the partner of choice for 14-C custom radiolabelling and have earned an excellent reputation with worldwide clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical and chemical industries. With 23 highly qualified radiochemists in our recently expanded Radiolabelling division we are able to provide 14-C labelled small molecules of almost any complexity to a variety of clients, often at short notice. GMP-concepts synthesis of radiolabelled APIs for clinical studies is one of our specialities.

Dr Hans Fliri - Managing Director - Selcia Ltd.

Our exceptional medicinal chemistry team brings together experience from large pharma coupled with strong synthetic chemistry skills supporting chemistry programs for pharma, biotech and academics. Our integrated drug discovery services are centred around a novel fragment screening platform (CEfrag) and our newly established biology and screening unit. CEfrag, using capillary electrophoresis, has been exclusively licensed and developed for fragment screening by Selcia. In conjunction with our high quality fragment library this enables us to offer a unique drug discovery tool supported by all the elements that are essential for advancing discovery programs, such as an excellent medicinal chemistry group and a versatile cell biology and screening unit.

We are looking forward to add real value to our clients programs throughout 2010 and beyond.

Dr Hans Fliri
Managing Director
Selcia Ltd.

  Selcia Discovery News
A new force in drug discovery services.

Selcia has recently widened its portfolio of skills to include a fully-fledged biology and screening unit. The highlight in 2009 was the introduction of an exciting new fragment screening technology using capillary electrophoresis (CE). This screening technology, initially developed for HTS applications, was acquired by Selcia and adapted for fragment screening. CEfrag (patent pending) offers a unique and robust screening tool with a number of significant advantages over existing fragment screening technologies.

2009 also saw Selcia design and build a high quality fragment library of approximately 1500 compounds that has a low overlap with other commercial fragment libraries and a high proportion of singletons.

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  Selcia Radiolabelling News
The independent 14-C specialist.

Over the last two years Selcia Radiolabelling has consolidated its leading position as the provider of choice for carbon-14 radiolabelling services. In response to its solid and ever growing client base Selcia has strengthened its radiochemistry work force to 23 highly qualified synthetic chemists. In parallel the modern, top-spec laboratory space at its Ongar, UK facility has been expanded to provide 29 radiochemical fume cupboards including four dedicated GMP-concepts work places.

Selcia’s independent position and good relationship with leading CROs gives the client freedom to choose the most appropriate laboratory for their study, at the same time ensuring seamless 3-way communication and efficient delivery of the labelled test substance.

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  GLP Analytical Services News
Specialist support for regulatory problems.

Selcia Radiolabelling continues to offer the expertise of its analytical group to the regulatory community. Supported by three Bruker NMR spectrometers (500MHz, 400MHz, 300MHz) and a raft of LC-MS, HPLC, IR and GC-MS instruments as well as capillary flow NMR and LC-NMR, Selcia analytical scientists can help with specialist problem solving during agrochemical regulatory studies, for instance with metabolite identification or impurity profiling. All these studies can be performed to GLP. Selcia is one of the few laboratories offering GLP NMR services.

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  Selcia committed to developing Japanese market

Selcia is committed to strengthen its position in the Japanese radiolabelling market throughout 2010, offering a straightforward high quality custom 14-C radiolabelling service through its agent Muromachi Technos of Tokyo. Muromachi’s excellent knowledge of the Japanese market and its in-depth knowledge of the importation process for radiochemicals into Japan via JRIA combined with Selcia’s second-to-none radiosynthesis expertise, guarantee a smooth, trouble free and timely delivery of high quality radiolabelled compounds to Japanese customers.

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  Selcia Out & About

Meet Selcia at Conferences and Events throughout the World.

Selcia maintains a presence at key trade shows, conferences and other industry events to keep close a face-to-face contact with our existing and potential clients and promote our offering among the relevant technical communities.

The following events are planned for 2010

8-10 March 2010
BIO Europe Spring, Barcelona, Spain

11-15 April 2010
SBS 16th Annual Conference and Exhibition Meeting, Phoenix, USA

27-29 April 2010
Drug Discovery Chemistry, San Diego, USA

Selcia in the News

Selcia and Hans Fliri were featured in an in-depth article in the latest edition of sp2 magazine, discussing the new fragment screening technology and development of the Discovery division. To read the article in full, click here to download (141K).

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