Dr Chris Swain

Chris established Cambridge MedChem Consulting in 2006 and continues as Director of the company.

Prior to 2006, he spent nearly 20 years at Merck, Terlings Park where he was a Senior Director responsible for a medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry research group. Chris’s current activities at Cambridge MedChem Consulting include collaborative medicinal chemistry and computational chemistry support to several small and mid-cap sized pharma companies and involvement in a number of projects supported by the Wellcome Trust’s "Seeding Drug Discovery Initiative". He is also a member of the Drug Discovery Advisory Group for Cancer Research UK. At Merck he led the NK1 Antagonist project culminating in the commercialisation of the antiemetic  Emend and went on to win the Royal Society of Chemistry’s 2000 Biological and Medicinal Chemistry Sector Prize for this programme. As the Chemistry Director of the Pain Franchise at Merck, he initiated five projects, all of which delivered candidates for preclinical development. At Terlings Park, Chris was responsible for computational chemistry and implementing chemist friendly tools for cheminfomatics and molecular modelling. He studied Natural Science at Cambridge University and was a Post-doctoral fellow at Southampton University.