A Powerful Novel Fragment Screening Technology.

The CEfrag Screen is a new technique for fragment-based screening. It uses capillary electrophoresis (CE) to detect weak binding interactions between your target and low molecular weight compounds (fragments). The technique is available to clients on a fee-for-service basis as a primary or orthogonal screening tool for rapid hit identification on your target. This robust, proven technology allows you to cost effectively kick-start your drug discovery project or to complement and strengthen your in-house hit generation programs.

We offer the options of running a fragment screening campaign on your target using our own fragment library, or of using your library or any commercial fragment collection.

Key Advantages of CEfrag™

  • Solution phase binding assay based on affinity capillary electrophoresis
  • Applicable to a broad range of targets
  • No protein modification required
  • Label-free technique
  • Rapid assay development
  • Micro scale technique
  • Highly flexible: detects protein, ligand or protein-ligand complex
  • Generation of IC50 values
  • Low false positive rate
  • Validated against multiple targets
  • Validated screening tool for detection of protein-protein interactions
  • Suitable for use with microbial extracts
  • Robust: tolerates DMSO and common additives such as detergents and salts

Please contact us for further information. We will be pleased to arrange a teleconference or meeting with our technical experts.