About Selcia

Selcia is a global contract research provider of integrated drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and 14C radiolabeled compounds. Established in 2001, the company has two divisions: Selcia Drug Discovery - with medicinal chemistry,biology ADME and a unique peptidyl proyl isomerase (PPIase) inhibitor screening platform; and Selcia Radiolabeling - one of the world’s largest suppliers of custom 14C radiochemicals.

We work from modern R+D facilities in Ongar to the north east of London (UK). As a globally active CRO, Selcia offers a unique range of services to the life sciences community: operating alongside our integrated drug discovery services, we have an in-house GLP certified analytical laboratory together with a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for the preparation of 14C labelled APIs.

Selcia is a fast growing, successful and profitable organisation. Since a management buyout in 2005, our turnover has grown by more than 100 per cent. In the same period, full time staff numbers have more than doubled, from 29 to 69.

We have collaborations and drug discovery ventures with a wide range of organisations, from some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to mid-sized pharma and virtual biotechs. A considerable degree of flexibility can be built into our partnerships to reflect customers’ budgets, risk sharing, time frames and programme objectives. Selcia’s 14C labelling service extends well beyond human health into diverse markets including agrochemicals, animal health, nutrition, cosmetics, and flavours and fragrances.

Increasingly, we are working for organisations based outside the UK - currently about 75 per cent of our turnover comes from overseas customers based predominantly in Europe, the US and Japan.

Relationships with customers and partners– which can extend to client scientists working alongside our own staff at Selcia - provide our customers with real involvement and control of their external drug discovery programmes.

Our success has enabled us to attract and retain a great many talented chemists and biologists, many of whom have joined us from “big pharma”. They have brought with them an extraordinary wealth of drug discovery knowledge. Today, with over 60 full-time professional scientists, we cover all of the main therapeutic areas with our combined discovery experience.