Synthetic Chemistry, Custom Synthesis and Analytics

Excellence in synthetic organic chemistry underpins Selcia’s main services of 14-C radiolabelling and medicinal chemistry. Both these activities are supported by the analytical group which provides the quality control and identity verification of the products shipped to customers.

Our scientists have a wealth of pharmaceutical industry experience in synthetic organic chemistry  having worked for leading international companies such as GSK, Merck, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Aventis, Novartis/Sandoz and Rhone-Poulenc.

The equipment in the analytical facility is operated by a team of experienced analysts each with a minimum of 20 years’ industrial experience in their respective areas, including GLP /GMP practices and supported by a dedicated QA manager.

Selcia’s analytical department is accredited by the MHRA and is a full member of the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) compliance program in the UK and specialises in GLP NMR to support regulatory submissions and in GMP analysis of 14C radiolabelled active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).