Dec 2017: Selcia joins the Eurofins Group

Dec 2017: Successful MHRA Inspection of Selcia’s dedicated GMP Radiolabelling Facility

Selcia renews its GMP certificate for its dedicated 14C API GMP radiochemistry facility following a successful inspection by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

July 2017: Selcia receives GLP re-certification from the MHRA

Selcia receives a statement of compliance, in accordance with Directive 2004/9/EC, as part of the UK Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Monitoring Programme for Selcia’s analytical laboratory following a GLP inspection by the MHRA.

May 2016: Selcia opens new state-of-the-art API radiolabelling laboratory

Selcia opened its new state-of-the-art laboratory dedicated to the manufacture of 14C radiolabelled GMP API (Drug Substance).

Nov 2015: Working with Cypralis on cyclophilin D inhibitors

Selcia’s spin out company Cypralis has been awarded co-funding by Innovate UK to generate a new class of cyclophilin inhibitors. Selcia will provide integrated drug discovery services to Cypralis including medicinal chemistry, PPIase screening and ADME. 

June 2015: Selcia Renews Crédit d’Impôt Recherche (CIR)

Selcia has received renewal under the French Research Tax Credit scheme for the years 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Jan 2015: Stereochemistry of Teixobactin elucidated by Selcia

Selcia scientists have determined the absolute stereochemistry of the structure of teixobactin, a novel antibacterial macrocyclic peptide whose discovery is described in an article published in the journal Nature by NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals.

Feb 2014: New collaboration with academia

The University of Edinburgh and Selcia join together to develop new drugs to combat sleeping sickness disease that threatens almost 70 million people in Africa. The new 30 month project is being funded by a £2.5 million grant from the Wellcome Trust.

Jan 2014: 69 full time staff employed

Nov 2013: Successful inspection of GMP facility

Selcia announces a successful inspection of its GMP radiochemistry facility by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and the granting of a new Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for the preparation and 14C labelling of APIs.

Sep 2013: Cantab Anti-Infectives collaboration

A collaboration between Selcia and Cantab Anti-Infectives is agreed, the aim of which is to accelerate Cantab’s programme to develop improved antibiotics for multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacterial infections based on the polymyxin nucleus.

Nov 2012: Prolyl isomerase screening service launched

A new platform will focus drug discovery and development on the target family of peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerases ("PPIases"). The new service encompasses drug screening and functional assays, and compound profiling.

Oct 2012: GLP re-certification

GLP re-certification is received for Selcia’s analytical laboratory following a successful Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) inspection by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

July 2012: Demerger announcement

Selcia announces the demerger of all internally generated intellectual property into a subsidiary company: Cypralis.

June 2012: 20 year radiochemistry landmark

Anniversary celebrations are held at Selcia as the company marks twenty years of radiosynthesis at its headquarters in Ongar, UK.

April 2012: Research collaboration with Heptares Therapeutics

A new collaboration with Heptares aims to discover fragment ligands that specifically bind to a GPCR drug target purified by Heptares. Selcia will apply its novel CEfrag™ technology to confirm hits already obtained by Heptares and to screen its proprietary fragment library against the Heptares target.

November 2011: GMP certification leads to increased business

A significant increase in 14C radiolabelled API projects for phase 1 human trials follows MHRA GMP Certification in September. To deal with the upturn, investments are made to double capacity for handling GMP radiolabelling projects.

December 2010: GMP certified

Selcia’s radiochemistry facility is granted a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate for the preparation of C-14 labelled active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) following a successful inspection by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

November 2010: Drug discovery collaboration with Convergence

Selcia and Convergence Pharmaceuticals, the latter a new company focused on the development of novel and high value analgesic medicines, announce a drug discovery collaboration to identify and develop high quality candidate molecules for the treatment of chronic pain.

November 2010: Supporting Gilead’s liver disease research

Integrated drug discovery services are used to support Gilead’s liver disease research programmes and is further proof of Selcia’s growing involvement in drug discovery.

February 2010: Radiochemistry developments in Japan

A custom 14-C radiolabelling service is established through agent Muromachi Chemicals Inc. of Tokyo. The move follows the company’s active participation in a UK Department of Trade and Industry trade mission to Tokyo the previous year. It signals Selcia’s commitment to developing its customer base in the Japanese radiolabelling market.

February 2010: Launch of Fragment Library

Following further technical development of Cetek’s fragment screening platform, Selcia launches CEfrag™ screen and a fragment library of approximately 1500 compounds.

January 2010: 60 full time staff employed

September 2009: Acquisition of fragment screening platform

A new fragment screening platform is unveiled following the acquisition of IP and expertise from Cetek Corporation. The move coincides with a brand and website relaunch designed to highlight Selcia’s integrated radiochemistry and drug discovery service.

April 2009: Further radiochemistry expansion

Construction of a further radiochemistry laboratory expands radiochemistry capacity to 30 fume cupboards.

August 2008: Expansion of radiochemistry facilities

Capacity increases by a third following installation of seven state-of-the-art synthesis hoods within newly refurbished laboratory space.

May 2008: GLP accreditation

Continued accreditation of the United Kingdom Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Compliance Programme is achieved following inspection by the UK Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

May 2008: New recruits and facilities boost drug discovery capabilities

Discovery capabilities are boosted following the commissioning of a new biology unit and the recruitment of screening, enzymology and bio-analysis experts from several leading scientific institutes.

March 2008: Anti-inflammatory drug research grant awarded by EEDA

A £100k funding project by EEDA to evaluate anti-inflammatory activity of SEL-100130 coincides with the commissioning of a Class II containment cell biology facility. This first in-house joint biology - chemistry project signals the development of Selcia’s business model towards drug discovery.

January 2008: 48 full time staff employed

January 2006: Scynexis Europe renamed Selcia following MBO

Following the management buyout of Scynexis Europe by Dr Hans Fliri and the incumbent UK management team, the company is renamed Selcia. The company is the only dedicated provider of custom radiolabeling, chemistry and analytics services worldwide. Dr Fliri is appointed managing director. The newly named and independent company commences with 29 full time staff.

2001: Spin out from Aventis

Aventis’s Ongar facility is acquired by Scynexis Inc. The new subsidiary operation remains on the same site and is called Scynexis Europe. In addition to the existing radiochemistry expertise, Scynexis invests in automated high throughput drug discovery facilities.

1992: Establishment of radiochemistry services

Rhone Poulenc (renamed Aventis Crop Science in 1999) establishes a radiochemicals facility at what is now the Fyfield Research and Business Park, Ongar.