Quality System

At Selcia we work to a rigorous quality program based on ISO principles designed to ensure that the specifications of our products and services meet the client’s requirements in all respects.

The key elements of the Selcia Quality System are

  • Project Quality plan defining
    • Product specifications as agreed with the client
    • Procedures and duties of each staff member working on the project to ensure delivery
  • Training carried out and recorded that our scientists are qualified to carry out all tasks required by the project
  • SOPs
  • Product release by Quality Unit, which is independent of production

The quality of our products is assured by rigorous analysis in our GLP-accredited analytical laboratory. Techniques routinely carried out are

  • HPLC: radio and UV/VIS detection for radiochemical and chemical purity
  • Mass spectrometry: LC-MS or GC-MS
  • NMR: for structural identity and chemical purity

All our products are supplied with a comprehensive data package, which is considered the best in the industry by many of our customers. It gives details on the analysis as well as the synthesis of our products.

The data package contains

  • QC certificate
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Analytical report detailing all techniques used to characterise the products including instrumentation, experimental conditions, spectra and interpretation
  • Synthesis experimental report

With this data package in hand our clients can be assured the quality of our product has been verified in a reproducible manner and the product is fit for use in regulatory studies.