Custom Synthesis

In modern laboratories our chemists carry out multi-step syntheses (from mgs to hundreds of grams) backed up by thorough analysis and quality control.

Selcia chemists research and apply modern techniques and recent developments in organic synthesis and purification for efficient, scaleable and cost effective delivery of customer compounds.

Our chemists are experienced in carrying out multi-step syntheses across the spectrum of compound classes, compound properties and enabling reactions including:

  • Asymmetric synthesis of compounds containing single and multiple chiral centres using reagent and substrate control supported by preparative chiral HLPC.
  • Modification and simplification of complex natural products by total synthesis or degradation/partial synthesis of fermentation products.
    • e.g. macrolides, polyketides, terpenes and steroids, flavonoids, antibiotics and secondary metabolites.
  • Modern and traditional oganometallic chemistry
    • e.g. Metathesis (Grubs, Hoveyda) and modern transition metal catalysed coupling reactions.
  • Orthogonal protecting group strategies.
  • High pressure syntheses e.g. carbonylations.
  • Modern methods for introduction of fluorine.
  • Peptide couplings and cyclisations
  • Macrolactonisation/lactamisation
  • Continuous-flow microchemistry (H-cube)
  • Lipids
  • Aminoacids
  • Carbohydrates
  • Heterocyclic chemistry
  • Microwave assisted reactions
  • Prodrug and bioisostere chemistry

Custom synthesised compounds are provided with a certificate of analysis based on homo or multinuclear NMR and LCMS data.