Compounds Labelled with Stable Isotopes

We specialise in the custom synthesis of compounds labelled with stable isotopes such as:

  • Carbon-13
  • Nitrogen-15
  • Deuterium

We can prepare custom stable labelled small molecules with specified levels of isotopic enrichment for use as mass spectroscopic markers for quantitative analysis, or for creating artificial isotope ratios, to facilitate metabolite identification.

Our reputation is built on an ability to combine detailed knowledge of labelling and synthetic strategy with robust design and efficient execution to achieve time and cost effective product delivery for our clients.

All our products are delivered with a comprehensive analytical data package, including full spectroscopic analysis and experimental documentation. A Certificate of Analysis, specifying chemical purity by NMR, HPLC and MS accompanies each compound. Analyses can be GLP certified ensuring their suitability for regulatory submission.

Instrumentation in our GLP laboratory includes:

  • High Field NMR, 300MHz, 400MHz and 500MHz spectrometers
  • 1H, 2H, 13C, 15N, 19F and 31P probes
  • Mass Spectrometry LC-MS/MS
  • Analytical and Preparative HPLC