Medicinal Chemistry

Co-location of chemistry, biology, analysis and pharmacology enhance communication, problem-solving and effective team working.

Our medicinal chemists use synthetic chemistry as a tool to solve problems in biology, pharmacology, and medicine. The experience and creativity of our medicinal chemistry team play a key role in advancing your project and ensuring ultimate success.

Selcia Discovery applies a consultative approach to ensure thorough understanding of the project objectives and deliverable. Key to success is a comprehensive grasp on your requirements and then providing high quality compounds to help you move your project forward.

Our approach can be tailored to the specialist needs of academic institutions and small biotechs where we can be the medicinal chemistry resource supporting you with the following key skills

  • Medicinal chemistry expertise
  • Computational chemistry tools
  • Synthetic excellence ensuring speedy execution of synthesis programmes
  • Patent knowledge
  • In-house biology and in vitro ADME
  • Managing outsourced studies
  • Project management

The success of any project is dependent on the achievement of clear deliverables. We consider the following elements as crucial for all our discovery projects

  • Expert advice on chemistry and overall project strategy
  • Generation of leads and subsequent optimisation to furnish preclinical candidates
  • Securing and optimising IP protection based on a solid base of experimental exemplification around chemical families

Please contact us for further information. We will be pleased to arrange a teleconference or meeting with our technical experts.