Selcia’s Fragment Library now available from BioAscent “Compound Cloud” for your screening needs

Selcia’s unique compound fragment library is now available for purchase through BioAscent’s online Compound Cloud service. Selcia’s fragment collection of 1366 compounds has been designed in collaboration with Cambridge MedChem Consulting.

With compound structures disclosed, Selcia’s fragment library is offered in ready-to-use 96-well plates for rapid dispatch through Compound Cloud. This provides researchers with a cost effective source of high quality fragments for screening to jump start their drug discovery programmes.

The collection contains a structurally-diverse range of compounds with little overlap with other commercially-available fragment libraries, consisting of both commercial and non-commercial custom synthesised fragments. All have been put through a stringent quality control process to ensure chemical attractiveness, purity and stability. Purchasers are free to progress hits and can access our expert advice on the design and execution of follow up programs.

For more information on the library or to order, please visit the Compound Cloud website at

Or for further information see Selcia’s Fragment library for information and details on hit follow up.