Selcia Adds Biology Capabilities to its Portfolio

During the first quarter of 2008 Selcia has made a substantial addition to its portfolio of drug discovery capabilities by commissioning a biology and screening laboratory and recruitment of top scientists.

Selcia has recently boosted its drug discovery capabilities substantially by commissioning a brand new fully fledged biology unit at its site in Ongar, Essex, UK. Key in the implementation of new capabilities in screening, enzymology and bio-analysis was the recruitment of a number of top scientists formerly of James Black Foundation, Replizyme and Max Planck Institute that will bring fresh expertise to Selcia and complement the long established and successful medicinal chemistry team.

New biology capabilities include assay development, both biochemical and cell-based functional assays for enzymes or other cellular targets using a variety of techniques for either end-point or kinetic assays. In addition ADME technologies have been implemented to support Medicinal Chemistry programs at the various stages of drug discovery and development. As well as standard ADME assays, Selcia is now enabled to perform bio-analytical method development with access to a range of analytical equipment including LCUV, LC-MS/MS and radio-LC/MS. In the near future Selcia will be adding to its capability by the introduction of Bioactivation screening assays to measure Reactive Metabolites.

This expansion of Selcia’s capabilities represents a milestone towards an integrated drug discovery service portfolio that enables Selcia to have a flexible and competent solution to our clients problems.