Selcia assists Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals to secure $1.48M SBIR Phase II NIH NIAID Grant

Selcia’s experienced team of medicinal chemists provided Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals with medicinal chemistry advice and strategy for their successful SBIR grant application, entitled ‘Exploratory Chemistry on a New Antibiotic’. The two year grant will be used to help advance NovoBiotic’s teixobactin program for treatment of serious drug-resistant infections such as MRSA and vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE). Selcia scientists co-authored the 2015 Nature publication by Novobiotic Pharmaceuticals on the novel antibiotic Teixobactin. Identified from a soil sample using Novobiotic’s iChip technology to culture ‘previously unculturable organisms’, Teixobactin was hailed by the media as the first new class of antibiotic in 30 years, and shows potent killing against a broad panel of problem pathogens.

Vicky Steadman, Director of Discovery at Selcia said ‘We were pleased to assist Novobiotic in this successful grant application. Selcia helps academics, virtual companies and biotechs apply for funding on drug discovery projects’.

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