Selcia constructs new 14C GMP API manufacturing suite

Selcia increases capacity with construction of a new dedicated 14C GMP API manufacturing suite.

To satisfy the growing demand for its custom radiolabelling services, Selcia announced today that its Board of Directors have approved plans to increase capacity for GMP radiolabelling by constructing a new custom-built GMP manufacturing suite, dedicated to the preparation of 14C API for human studies.

The new facility is expected to become operational in the first quarter of 2016.

Clive Cornell, Chief Operating Officer of Selcia commented, “The strong growth of our radiolabelling business this year has enabled Selcia to make a significant investment to expand its 14C GMP API manufacturing capabilities.   This will offer enhanced capacity, resource and timeline benefits to Selcia’s clients as well as to the Phase 1 clinical sites worldwide who conduct 14C ADME and microtracer studies in humans.”