Selcia Doubles Capacity Of 14C GMP Radiolabelled API Production For Human Studies

Selcia has successfully completed 14C radiolabelled API projects on behalf of a diverse range of clients for phase 1 human trials, following MHRA GMP Certification in September 2010.

In response to a sharp increase in demand for this specialist service, Selcia has invested to double its capacity for handling GMP radiolabelling projects.

Simon Saxby, Selcia’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “This expansion continues our commitment to providing our global client base with the highest quality MHRA certified GMP 14C radiolabelling services, enabling them to conduct human in-vivo studies in compliance with the most rigorous regulatory requirements. As a global leader in 14C radiolabelling, we will continue to invest in highly skilled and experienced scientists and state of the art facilities in order to provide a “first in class” service to our clients.”

Director of Business Development for Radiochemistry, Dave Roberts added: “By selecting Selcia for the preparation of their 14C GMP radiolabelled APIs, clients have the widest choice of phase 1 clinics for their human clinical trials.”


About Selcia

Selcia Limited is a leading provider of contract research services in 14C custom radiolabelling, integrated drug discovery, fragment screening and medicinal chemistry. Selcia operates from modern facilities with a GLP analytical laboratory (including GLP NMR), in Ongar, Essex, UK.

Selcia’s radiolabelling division produces 14C radiolabelled compounds and 14C GMP radiolabelled APIs for a global customer base encompassing both the life sciences and chemical industries. Applications of the radiolabelled products prepared by Selcia include: preclinical and clinical drug metabolism, mass balance, and microtracer studies; research and regulatory studies of cosmetic products; and environmental fate studies of agricultural and industrial chemicals.

Selcia’s Discovery division provides integrated drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries; these services include medicinal, organic and analytical chemistry, molecular modelling, in vitro biological screening, fragment screening and in vitro ADME/PK evaluation. Selcia’s capillary electrophoresis screening platform offers clients the benefits of a powerful and proven technology applied to drug discovery and fragment based screening, on a wide variety of targets.

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