Contract Screening

Selcia offers screening services employing conventional microtitre plate formats (e.g. luminescence, TR-FRET). Customers may utilise Selcia’s fragment library, a proprietary natural product library or provide customer compound sets. We typically offer screening as part of an Integrated Drug Discovery package but please contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

With a team of highly experienced medicinal chemistry experts, we can turn your hit into a lead – and beyond, into a fully optimised clinical candidate.;

  • Prioritise hits
    • Affinity - Ligand efficiency - Chemical attractiveness
  • Verify functional activity
  • SAR/Analogue
    • By catalogue (substructure/pharmacophore searching)
    • By synthesis
  • Integrated approach with Computer Assisted Drug Discovery
  • Optimisation: Increase molecular complexity
    • Fragment growing/merging/linking
    • Traditional medicinal chemistry

Please also refer to our Medicinal Chemistry page

Our business model is cost effective, based on fee-for-service. Each project will have a tailored quote with transparent pricing of project phases.

After the initial screen you will receive an interim report including structures. A full report with recommendations for follow up will be produced after IC50 determination.

Please contact us for further information. We will be pleased to arrange a teleconference or meeting with our technical experts.