Partnership and Outsourcing

Partnership with Selcia provides flexible access to our entire pool of radiochemists and analysts. Outsourcing can offer additional capacity when you need it or provide you with the equivalent of an internal isotope group.

Our focus on communication keeps all your stakeholders fully briefed on progress.

Flexible business models are adaptable to meet your requirements. We can manage your entire collection of radiolabelled compounds taking care of purity and stability checks, repurification, shipment and coordination with contract laboratories performing the studies.

The Key advantages of outsourcing radiolabelling are

  • Immediate ramp-up of resources on demand
    • Radiolabel route development in advance, thereby removing radiolabelling from the critical path
  • Early resolution of problems to ensure on-time delivery
  • Quality
    • Analytical laboratory GLP accredited by MHRA
    • Radiolabelled API to GMP
  • Strategic flexibility without compromising on-going projects
    • Accelerated project progression
  • Benefits and cost savings
    • Resources matched to actual demand
    • Specialized infrastructure and equipment overheads spread over many clients
    • Environmental impact of waste reduction

Selcia's radiolabelling FTE agreements: your projects, our top priority

Dr Chris Winfield, Director, Radiochemistry and Analytics