Benefits of Working with Selcia

Working with Selcia gives you access to world class experts in carbon-14 radiolabelling and to some of the world’s best drug discovery expertise.

Selcia’s DRUG DISCOVERY scientists are experienced in collaborating with their counterparts in pharma, biotech and academia to help translate your project into an outcome suitable for licensing into big pharma to create new medicines.

Selcia ‘s team of medicinal chemists has been assembled from big pharma, spanning all areas of therapeutic target classes, chemical families and all aspects that decide on success/failure of a drug candidate.

Selcia’s early collaboration with academics may include provision of tool compounds to help validate targets, assistance in designing a viable chemistry programme and in writing grant applications.

We have extensive expertise in the chemistry of natural products and have simplified complex natural projects deriving novel active structures accessible by synthetic means.

Selcia has delivered several clinical compounds for pharma and biotech customers and has a successful track record in working with academics on SDDI projects and on TSB funded projects.

Selcia RADIOLABELLING is a global leader in 14C custom radiolabelling for pre-clinical metabolism, environmental fate and dermal penetration studies, and 14C-GMP API for clinical studies. Our history goes back over 25 years to our origins in the Rhone Poulenc/Aventis isotope team in Ongar, UK.

Selcia’s radiochemistry experts are available to consult on the position of labelling, the synthetic strategies for incorporation of the label, the specific activity required and advise on the likely quantity required for a particular study.

As a global leader in 14C custom radiolabelling we have extensive experience in supplying radiolabelled compounds, on behalf of our customers, to all the leading CROs using 14C compounds worldwide, as well as to clients’ own internal licensed laboratories.

The purity and structure of all Selcia’s products are assured by our internal MHRA GLP accredited analytical department with 500MHz, 400MHz & 300MHz NMRs, mass spec and separation specialists. The group are experts in problem resolution to ensure projects meet agreed milestones.