Instrumentation and Equipment

A full and comprehensive range of equipment is available in Selcia’s GLP / GMP analytical facility

High Field NMR Systems

Bruker DPX 300MHz

Fully automated for Open Access synthetic chemistry support.

Bruker DPX 400MHz & Bruker DRX 500MHz

Primary use in synthetic chemistry QC analysis, problem solving and structural elucidation.

The NMR systems can perform a wide range of experiments including the following:


1H, 13C, 1H{15N}, 15N{1H}, 1H{19F}, 19F{1H}, 1H{31P}, 31P{1H}, 1H COSY, ed-HSQC, HMBC, nOesy, rOesy, , hsqc-tocsy(s), selective hmbc, 1H-15N hmbc, 1H gradient n.O.e(1D), 1H gradient selective tocsy(1D).

Flow-NMR Analysis (QC & High-throughput analyses) 

LC-NMR Analysis (PrepLC followed by capillary NMR for for maximum sensitivity - metabolite & process-impurity analyses)

HR-MAS Analysis (gels, tissue samples, semi-solids)

Ligand Binding (STD-NMR)

Mass Spectrometer Systems

Waters ZQ LC-MS

Micromass Platform II LC-MS

Both fully automated for Open Access synthetic chemistry support

Micromass Quattro-LC-MS/MS

Primary use in Problem Solving, Structural Elucidation and PK analyses.

Thermo AQA LC-MS

Primary use in Synthetic Chemistry QC analysis.

HP / Agilent GC-MS

Primary use in routine analysis, problem solving and structural elucidation.

Analytical HPLC systems

Agilent Radio-LC

Primary used for routine QC analysis and to provide high quality HPLC data on radiolabelled and non-radiolabelled compounds.

Other Equipment in the Analytical GLP / GMP Facility

Nicolet FTIR

Primary use in GLP QC analysis.

LSC counter

Primary use QC and radiochemistry support.