Purification Capabilities

Selcia has multiple systems in-house with purification capabilities from analytical (μg) to multi-100g scale.

Selcia holds a large stock of prep-scale HPLC columns of standard diameters: 10mm, 21.5mm, 30mm and 50mm. We have capacity to perform flash chromatographic purifications using cartridges of up to 1.5kg and routinely perform normal phase, reverse phase and chiral separations up to multi-gram scale. In addition to standard HPLC and flash techniques, we also have an experienced team with the facilities to undertake high-performance counter-current chromatographic purification (HPCCC), supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) and mass directed autopurification (MDAP) up to multi-gram scale.

Specialised Purification Techniques

As well as the routine chromatographic systems outlined above, the following specialised purification systems are also available:

Waters MDAP, HPCCC and Prep-SFC

The following systems are available in the synthetic laboratories to support synthesis activities: Agilent-LC, Gilson Radio-LC, Jasco–LC, Agilent UV-VIS, Instant Imagers and LSC counters.