BIOCIDES: Specific guidance (EU 582/2012)

Information on the Radiolabelled Test Substance can be found on the Nature of the Radiolabelled Test Substance for Registration Studies page.

More detailed information on use of radiolabelled compounds in these studies can be found on the Registration Studies Using 14C Radiolabelled Compounds and REACH European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) pages.

Examples of studies with provisions for using radiolabelled compounds:

OECD 428 Skin absorption in vitro (Ideally the test substance should be radiolabelled)
OECD 427 Skin absorption in vivo (Ideally the test substance should be radiolabelled). Requires radiolabel for reliable results.
OECD 417 Toxicokinetics (in vivo) Radiolabel 14C, unless it can be adequately evaluated using the unlabelled test substance and the analytical specificity and sensitivity of the method is equivalent to the radiolabel.
OECD 311 Biological sewage treatment (Aerobic & Anaerobic) (radiolabel optional)
OECD 303A Activated sludge (-if possible use radiolabel)
OECD 306 Biodegradation in Sea Water (Radiolabel)
OECD 301 Ecotoxity (because of anti-bacterial properties radiolabel must be used)