Examples of EU studies where Radiolabelled Compounds may be used

Information on the Radiolabelled Test Substance can be found on the Nature of the Radiolabelled Test Substance for Registration Studies page.

More detailed information on use of radiolabelled compounds in these studies can be found on the Registration Studies Using 14C Radiolabelled Compounds and REACH European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) pages.

Physico-Chemical Properties

OECD 106 Adsorption/Desorption
OECD 111 Hydrolysis

OECD Degradation/Transformation/Accumulation

OECD 302A Inherent Biodegradability
OECD 303A Activated Sludge Unit (See ISO 14592)
OECD 304 Inherent Biodegradability
OECD 306 Biodegradation in Sea water
OECD 307 Soil Metabolism Aerobic & Anaerobic
OECD 308 Transformation Water/Sediment (fresh water or marine systems)
OECD 309 Mineralisation Surface Water (fresh water or marine systems)
OECD 311 Biological sewage treatment (Aerobic & Anaerobic)
OECD 312 Leaching studies
OECD 314 (A-E) Simulation tests to assess the biodegradability of chemicals discharged in wastewater
OECD 316 Photolysis
EMA Guidance Poorly extracted substances
OECD draft Phototransformation on Soil surface

EU Ecotox Studies Bioaccumulation

OECD 305 Fish Bioaccumulation
OECD 315 Bioaccumulation in Sediment-dwelling Benthic Oligochaetes
OECD 317 Terrestrial Oligochaetes (Earth & Pot Worm)
SANCO/11187 Fish Metabolism

OECD Health Effects

OECD 417 Toxicokinetics in vivo
OECD 427 Skin Absorption in vivo
OECD 428 Skin Absorption in vitro

Residues in products, food & feed

OECD 501 Metabolism in Crops
OECD 502 Metabolism in rotational crops
OECD 503 Metabolism in livestock
OECD 507 Residues in processed Commodities